Mama Reads: Girl, Wash Your Face

Okay, like five people recommended this book to me over the past six months.  And finally. I was able to just sit down and devour it.  Devour is probably a proper adjective because I read this book like it was a huge piece of chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter while my kiddos were napping and I didn't want them to find out I was eating something they would want.

Rachel Hollis is authentically funny and mercilessly real.  She came into my life right when I needed her and told me that it was okay to just. be. me.

I *highly* recommend this book for all Mamas. 

decide that you care more about creating your magic and pushing it out into the world than you do about how it will be received.
— Rachel Hollis, "Girl, Wash Your Face"


Teach: Ron Clark

Every educator should watch this speech - Ron Clark is the mecca of Educational Leadership and it is his vision that consistently inspires me to continually think beyond the red tape.  When in doubt, slide.


Inspiration: Oprah Winfrey

"Speaking your truth is the most powerful thing you can do." - Oprah 



Inspiration: David Saville & Dabo Swinney

There is nothing more inspirational than inclusion - the only disability is attitude.

And good leaders, they know good people.  I think I have a crush on Dabo.