Teacher Reads: Ron Clark's Essential 55

Ron Clark is America's Educator, right?  Certainly he is one of my inspirations.  I love watching his lectures/talks/speeches and hearing his stories.  I love his candidness and authenticity.  But mostly, I love that his passion remains.  In his first book, endorsed, of course, by Oprah, Ron Clark lays out 55 Essential Classroom rules.  I know, that seems a bit daunting.  But give this book a try - whether you are a first year teacher or starting your 17th and need a little reboot.  It's a great place to find some inspiration.

“Always make sure there are seven things in your life at all times: laughter, family, adventure, good food, challenge, change, and the quest for knowledge.”
— Ron Clark, "The Essential 55"

Ron Clark
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