Leader Reads: How to Lead When You Aren't In Charge by Clay Scroggins

I'm a leader.  But I'm definitely not in charge.  This leadership book provided so much insight into not just how I see myself as a leader in my organization but how God sees me.  It helped me pace my plans and provided a blueprint for helping me shape not just how I lead others but how I see and lead myself.

I've always admired Clay's tenacity and storytelling and miss his weekly sermons.  I'm thankful that he was able to share his insight so keenly, clearly, and humorously with me.

I highly recommend this book for anyone - leader or not - struggling to find your fit professionally.

... leaders who consistently leverage their authority are far less effective in the long term than leaders who leverage their infuence.
— Clay Scroggins, "How To Lead When You Aren't In Charge"

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