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Favorite Find: Shopkick

Favorite Find: Shopkick

Legit, though.  Earning points for walking into a store and scanning crap?  But honestly, download the app.  Turn it on.  Walk into these stores that you are already going into.  And while you are there, scan a few of the items.  You will be shocked at how quickly your points accumulate.  And sometimes, there are items you were going to buy anyway (like those Bomb Pops that I got a kickback on with iBotta, too). 

My $50 Walmart Gift card covers school supplies (or a good chunk).  And now, I'm saving points for Amazon giftcards for Christmas?  Um, yes!  I mean, why not?  It's quick.  It's easy.  It's free. money.

So, download the app (use code BLUE094594) and start kicking! :)


Favorite Find:  Ibotta

Favorite Find: Ibotta

Favorite Find:  Ebates

Favorite Find: Ebates