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Favorite Find:  Ebates

Favorite Find: Ebates

I should've listened to my mother.  For years she's been getting kickbacks for online shopping.  And I've just ignored her.  But earlier this year, we decided to try some little things that could help us save/earn a little extra cash.  For real, though.  With all the online shopping I do, Ebates is AMAZING.  We've already earned almost $50 just this year and haven't hit any major online shopping events - Back to School, Birthdays, Christmas.  The $$ deposits right in my PayPal along with the other online $$ tools I've been using (Poshmark referral code LHWADDELL, Ibotta referral code kxtylcf)

And they offer deals throughout the year for higher percentages back - sometimes up to 10-15% on your purchase.  It's easy to use on your mobile device or regular computer.  I highly recommend!  

Interested in joining Ebates?  Use my *CODE* to join

Favorite Find: Shopkick

Favorite Find: Shopkick

We're Okay

We're Okay