Favorite Find: Teachers Pay Teachers

I have some teacher friends that hate everything about the website Teachers Pay Teachers because they argue that everything we do in the classroom is collaborative and not 100% authentically created.

I can appreciate that argument.

However, I have purchased many resources from TpT in a bind and it has been absolutely life saving in the classroom.  Sometimes, you just don't have the right assignment or resource and TpT allows you to use at the lessons of other quality teachers beyond your current professional network.  And, it allows an opportunity for teachers to use their creative resources to gain some extra income - because, come one, who couldn't use a little extra income?

I also love that I can share/sell my 100% authentically created Student Leadership files to help others that are starting new SGA organizations.  I remember not having a clue how to start and create a program all on my own - it took 5 years to really master a working system.  Now, I can share that with teacher advisors and leaders all over the country.  My network has expanded and so has my ability to support teachers and that is really cool.

Plus, you get weekly/daily updates in your inbox from your favorite sellers.

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