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Favorite Find:  Emily McCarthy

Favorite Find: Emily McCarthy

Anyone who had ever come to my house knows that my love language is party planning, set up, decor & display.  Some people show you they love you by preparing a huge meal, by being the friend that will always be down to move furniture or let your dog, or bringing over groceries to friends who are sick.

This is not me.

I show you how much I love & appreciate you with matching napkins and plates and little labels of love on the food table.  I also am obsessed with stationary, monograms and branding.

A few years ago, I found Emily McCarthy. Emily McCarthy is a designer & brander from my pseudo hometown of Savannah, Georgia and OH! how delightful are her designs, how perfect are her party favors, how stunning is her stationary, how lovely are her linens, how essential is her etiquette.

A few years ago, she had a booth-like store and I was in town and able to stop by.  Oh I swoon over the style and details that she embosses into life.  Even more recently, she has opened her own storefront - too bad I'm rarely in town.  Or maybe it's a good thing.  I'm pretty sure all of my extra cash would go to her goodies.  They are so beautiful.  Like.  Perfect. Southern. Gifts.

I love a good southern woman.  I love a good southern woman with creativity and flair for flamingoes.  She is my {home & life} style crush - you will find yourself obsessed with her Instagram, too.  Follow it just for the inspiration and the little etiquette tidbits - they are helpful reminders of how we should be living and hosting.


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