Favorite Find: Erin Condren Planners

I know that it seems antiquated.  A pen & paper planner.  In this world where everything is digital. We have Outlook Calendars that sync up with Google Calendars that multi-people can use (and I'm not going to lie, YES! that is helpful).  But I still use a paper planner.  Mostly color coordinated. Where everything in my life is located and if I happen to leave it at school.  Well.  I'm lost.

 I add To-Do Lists, notes, important numbers, directions.  Seriously.  My planner is how I know when and where and how and what I have going on.  And I need to see my world from multiple perspectives - my month, week, and day.  I've always used a pen & paper planner (this is in part because I am obsessed with stationary).   In college, I found an August to August Calendar at a local stationary shop and used one all four years.  For a while I had a large desk calendar.

But when I became a Mom with kids that had activities, I had to figure out a way to keep up with everything.  And that is when I found Erin Condren.


What I love about my Erin Condren LifePlanner is that my week snapshot is broken down into days where I can schedule times clearly - and I can see where and when exactly I am supposed to be.  It's perfect for my busy days at work where I need to juggle a lot and awesome for the craziness of our family schedule.  There are several "types" to choose from and they even have TEACHER LESSON PLANNERS - yes!  I know.  Teachers, get ready to geek out! 

I personally use the LifePlanner but there are other options that you can explore.  Oh - did I mention the colors?  Erin Condren has designed planners that are sleek & sheik - there is absolutely no way you can't find a planner design that represents your life.  

Did I mention the stickers?  Come on, every stationary nut loves accessories and stickers.  And pens.  Pens are important.  These planners come with AMAZING accessories and I love the customized stickers that I can put into our planner to help an event stand out, repeat a standing activity, decorate a date night or just add a little life to your life.

The best part of these 12 month planners is that you can get them to start at any time.  Because my school year is a July start, my 12 months are July to July.  And.  You can build it to suit your personal preference - and add extras to help with grocery lists, goals 

The first month of 2018 is almost gone ... but it's never too late to get organized.