Not My Recipe: Death By Chocolate

If I'm being honest, Diane (my mother) made me commit this recipe to memory so I could totally make it in my sleep - and my husband BEGS for it so I have to only make it on special occasions.  However, if you want to see a real recipe, I found a link for you.

2 boxes of Brownie Mix
2 (3.9) packages of Instant Chocolate Pudding
2 (8 oz) containers of Cool Whip
Package of crushed Toffee Pieces
Kahlua * Optional

Directions:  Make the brownies.  Let them cool.  If you are feeling frisky, soak in Kahlua.  It's an extra step and expense so not necessary.  Make the Instant Pudding.  Find your trifle bowl from the cabinet where you hid it the last holiday when you made something yummy.  Crumble up the brownies and layer on the bottom of trifle bowl.  Cover brownies in pudding - be generous in your covering.  Next, layer Cool Whip.  Again, generous.  Sprinkle, generously, the toffee bits on the cool whip.  Repeat these layers until the trifle bowl is filled.

Baker's Note:  Instead of Toffee, I've used M&Ms, Peppermint, Andes Mint.  All were okay.  None were as awesome as the Heath Bar ;)  Though, Reese's Pieces or Butterfinger would probably be amazing.