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Hello, Happiness

Hello, Happiness

The noblest art is that of making people happy. - PT Barnum

If I'm being 100% honest, 2017 wasn't very happy for us.  

There were a lot of changes and challenges and coming to conclusions.  Sometimes, reality bites. But what I learned through waiting and wanting and wishful thinking is that ultimately, happiness is a choice.  It's easy to get calloused by life.  To be so set on what you think you want that you almost miss out on what you have.  Or what you could have.  

Today, I took my girls to see The Greatest Showman.  Never was there a more perfect story for me to see as we stare into the unknown of a new year.  I spend a lot of time daydreaming about being something more than what I am.  Of being someone other than who I am. Of being more. But in the end, it's about the happiness you have and share and create and give.  At one point in the movie, a theatre critic who has railed the Circus for months in the NYC society newspapers says to PT Barnum that another critic would have said that the show was magical because he put people in a ring together as equals.  That stood out to me.  What if, we held hands with everyone, accepted the beauty in everyone, actually treated everyone as equals (not just said we did) and believed in the magic of goodness?

Perhaps then we would actually be great.

And happy.

One of the defining songs is at the end, From Now On, when PT Barnum has lost everything and he realizes what true happiness is.  It's incredibly powerful.  What if we not only chose to be happy but also to make others happy.  What if the art of happiness is to create a world where others laugh and love and live because of your vitality for life.

That's magical.

I'm wishing a hell of a lot of happiness to you in 2018 - no matter the cards you were dealt in 2017 - diagnosis, disaster, depression.  No matter the unknown of the next 12 months.  Be satisfied with who you are.  Where you are.  Love hard.  Even when it's a dark day.  Smile.  Smile Big.  Be who He intended you to be - how He sees you.  Be a light that shines so bright that everyone will know God's love. 

That's how you say hello to happiness.

Not My Recipe: Firecrackers

Not My Recipe: Firecrackers

This. Is. Us.

This. Is. Us.