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This. Is. Us.

This. Is. Us.

Sticky floors and sticky hands. The Disney Channel on every TV.  Drama Class and cheer practice and basketball games and what's for dinner?  Hey - did we even talk today? Lists sent via text.  We're not getting a dog.  Outlook reminders. Bills paid.  Grocery pick up. I forgot. Caroline, stop being dramatic. Quick workouts. Lunches made.  Prayers on the way to school. Dancing. Lots of dancing in the living room. "Alexa play ... ".  Can we's?  And should we's? Crumbs on the floor. I'll get up, you sleep.  Wii Bowling Tournaments. Netflix binge watching - I think I fell asleep in the middle of the show. Laundry.  Lots of loads of laundry.  Hey, I love you.  I'm hungrys.  I'm thirstys. What's for dinner?  I'll take this kid and you take that one.  Dance recitals. Passers in the night.  American Girl Dolls. Laundry.  Lunches.  Spelling words.  What'd your boss say. What time do I need to be there?  Lulu be quiet.  Art projects. Play time and play clothes and actual plays. Back porch dreaming.  Can you take the dog out?  Can you take the trash out? I'll do the dishes. I'm going to Costco - do you need anything?  Coffee.  Sweet Snuggles.  Brush your teeth. Pirate playing.  What's for dinner?  Dolly Parton songs. Laundry. Do we have any ice-cream? Barbies. Harry Potter Marathons.  Fire in the fireplace. Fire in the fire pit. Show tickets and speeding tickets. Sandcastles and sushi. Boat rides.  Jeep rides. Bike rides. Ride or die.

A decade of life lived in snippets and snapshots and soundbites.  Messy memory making smudged between date nights and dream nights and toasts with cheap champagne.

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald - I wish I had done everything with you.  

I'll spend the rest of my life trying.

Hello, Happiness

Hello, Happiness

Teach:  Eat The Cupcake

Teach: Eat The Cupcake