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7 Snow Day Activities

7 Snow Day Activities

My husband says I’m the one that is obsessed with the snow.  He hates it.  Being confined.  But I love it.  I love being confined with my family, no one can get to us and we can’t get out.  Drinking too much coffee.Watching too much Netflix.  Snuggling too tightly.  Forget the laundry and the cleaning.  Making a mess and just living.

The problem is no one expects snow in Georgia in December. Yes. December. Here's my Snow Day Activity list that I was sorta prepared for ... but will make sure the next time the forecast calls for a 'light dusting' I'm ready!

1.    Any edible activities that have a shelf life.  Muffin Mix.  Cookie Mix.  Hot chocolate. These items save and don’t have to be consumed immediately.  If you aren’t snowed in, you can still use them in the spring and even into the summer as special breakfast treats or a Fun Friday Night activity.  Stock up when they are 10 for $10 or BOGO - morning muffin making at my house is always a winner (and what kid doesn’t like to make and decorate cookies?).

2.    Playdoh.  I hate Playdoh.  It only comes out on special occasions.  And when I’m desperate.  Day three of Snowpacolypse calls for Playdoh.  Make sure you have some.


3.    Beach toys.  I keep our beach toys in the garage.  In a bucket.  That is easily accessible.  Because you can shovel and bucket snow just as easily as sand.  Snowmen, snow castles, snow mountains.  You can have your own little Frozen village (and at our house, it will be complete with character figurines and Barbies).  These types of toys will give kids something to do in the snow (without having to buy a lot of snow accessories) and will keep the little ones relatively in one place instead of sliding all over the ice.

4.    Turn something into a sled.  At our house, we’ve used plastic summer kiddies pools or tubes we tie behind the boat.  I’m pretty sure my husband has even slide down the hill in our back yard on a trashcan lid.  It doesn’t have to be an actual sled to be fun.  As long as the kids get to ride down a hill, the hours of entertainment will be endless.

5.    Vanilla, sugar, milk & a blender.  Make snow cream.  The kids LOVE it.  It’s something you can do together (and gets them out of the cold and back into the house).  My girls especially love it when we make it pink!

6.    Thaw out by the fire.  In your PJs.  On a mattresses in the living room.  When we see that we are going to be snowed in for a few days, we destroy the living room by bringing mattresses down, building a family fort, and watching family movies - with popcorn, snow cream, blankets, loveys, and each other.  Sometimes, we all sleep together on the floor of the living room.  Just for fun.  It isn’t until the snow starts melting that we begin to worry about cleaning up, besides, no one is coming over with the roads closed, anyway.

7.    Explore.  We bundle everyone up and go for a walk in the neighborhood.  This usually ends in a snowball fight across the cul-de-sac.  We want them to see, feel and taste the beauty of the moment.  So we catch snowflakes on our tongues.  We slip on the ice coated under the snow.  We sing.  And dance.  And look at the icicles falling from the trees.  We ask them questions and let them really experience the magic of the moment.


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