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The Truth About Santa

The Truth About Santa

Caroline has already asked me once, you know, just to check, to make sure I thought Santa was real.  I’m not sure I can even handle the question in any sort of seriousness.  But when it’s time, I want to be prepared.

My sweet little girls:

You asked me so sweetly if Santa was real
Because a boy at school wanted to reveal

The secret

He thought his parents were keeping from him-ney
‘Cause he couldn’t figure out how Santa came down the chimney

With eyes so big, full of crocodile tears
You ask if I’ve been lying to you all of these years
And the answer isn’t a simple No or Yes
But give me a moment and I’ll do my best
Santa is more than a man in a red coat
Along with presents, he brings joy, he brings hope
It may not be the exact story you remember
About elves and Rudolph on the 24th of December

But Santa is real and powerfully alive
Instead of the North Pole, he lives inside
All of us - your heart and mine
And we celebrate this magic at Christmas time

As you know, my sweet ladies, Christmas is really much more
Than just the presents and “stuff” we buy at the store
It’s more than the parties and cookies and cheer
Christmas is a time to reflect on our year
What we accomplished, what we went through
It’s a season of thanksgiving and celebration, too

Santa is not imaginary, false or fake
Just like God’s love, he comes alive with faith
Perhaps that’s the most important thing for you to know
Santa exists to help us to learn and to grow
Mom & Dad help Santa with the gifts and the toys
But it is your
belief in him that brings the world joy
It’s the same as when we help you understand
magic in the love of God’s healing hand
We see God’s grace all around us each day
And thank him for bringing us each other when we pray
faith is not wrapped up in what we can see
Our faith is
alive because we believe

So, no girls, Santa is not real  like you thought
All of those presents, Mom and Dad bought
But we didn’t lie to you, we didn’t mislead
Remember the lesson?  
The magic of Christmas isn’t found under the tree
The magic of Christmas is the time that we spend
Together, with our family and friends
Singing songs and relaxing and having fun with one another
Giving thanks to God, for blessing  us with each other

So my sweet little ladies, please understand
You now know the secret of that jolly old man
The sparkle of the lights and the legends of the stories
Of Santa and his elves and the excitement of Christmas toys

Bring hope and peace to little girls and little boys
There is love promised in the magic of the gifts
To help us remember and not to forget

The real reason we celebrate this whole Christmas season
Jesus’ birthday - because God love us he gave
The world his son so that we all would be saved
And now that you know it’s your responsibility
To help Santa live on so that other children can see
The magic of Christmas and God’s eternal hope

And the power of the promise wrapped up in Santa’s red coat.


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