If you can only be one thing -

Be. Known. Well.

Be. Known. Well.  This is my life's mission. To spread positive vibes.  To make you think. Hard. To love harder.  And to invest.  Sincerely.  

In the people and projects around me.  

Who Am I?

Like many of you, I can't define myself as just one thing.  By trade - I'm a teacher.  Current profession: leader.  At heart I'm a writer.  In my daydreams, I'm retired on the beach somewhere.

But those rug rats at the top of the page - they made me a Mama.  And their Daddy, he makes me better.  

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.  Nothing is more true than that.  I have plans.  I'm just not necessarily following the map.

I believe in love.  And soul mates.  And coffee.  I believe the world isn't as scary as our media makes seem through their twenty second soundbites.  I love a good, strong debate.  And Cheetos. I like to think critically.  And to surround myself with people who make me smarter.

It's the totality of all of these things that makes me, me. 

So what will you find here?

A little bit of everything.  Thoughts - on love, family, faith, popular culture, being a mother.  Frustration - about the world sometimes but about my shortcomings mostly.  Book Reviews. Teaching Resources.  Leadership Lessons. Recipes {other peoples, not mine}. Probably some links to Amazing Articles. Inspiring Stories. Laughter from my Little Loves.

My goal here?

To write more. Because it's cheaper than therapy.  And ultimately, I hope that my perspective encourages you to  be known well to someone else.  Because that is how we change the world.

Thanks for dropping by.